Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flowers At The Park, and a Butterfly!

We only knew about the car show because we went to Kildonan Park on Canada Day, early in the morning, to take pictures of flowers.  Thought I'd be clever, beat the crowd and the heat, but we got there before they even turned the sprinklers off!  Took a break for Tim Hortons and came back to some lovely, water drop laden blooms!

How nice, they're sharing!  Said the spider to the (butter)fly!

So happy, finally got a nice butterfly pic!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Car Show!

For a change of pace, and because I didn't have any car photos, we attended a car show on Canada Day.  Very hot day, but lots of neat cars in attendance! 

Apologies, but I don't know what any of these are!

Very cool, a rainbow!

I really liked the extreme angles on the front end of this one!

This one was one of my favorites, all Bonnie and Clyde style!

Would LOVE to know the story behind that!

Got a real kick out of the matching expressions on the doll and the car!

Another one of my favorites!

Check out that rumble seat - too cool!

A Jeep!  A Willy's Jeep!  Too cool!